Listen to the Interview with Danielle Storey

A mentor and speaker in the areas of Service (true service and relationships that make everyone feel like a million dollars) Danielle Storey has mentored hundreds of businesses and spoken to thousands of people about building great business relationships. She is passionate about helping people get the clarity that moves them to whatever they are focusing on now and next.

Danielle is the co-owner of the international family business (Aus and NZ) The Cartridge Family –  a business with such great competition and such low margins (there really is no profit in printers and cartridges) she has spent 20 years finding innovative and engaging ways to attract and engage customers.

The past 7 years, Danielle has spent her time helping small business owners do the same, through simple business, marketing, sales and networking techniques.

She is also the author of The Selfish Servant – the book that helps businesses set up the simple systems that help them consistently (and happily) serve their clients and customers.

Be Bold * Be Connected * Be Unstoppable