Listen to the Interview with David Phillips

Sure, you can call David Phillips, the founder of Faster Glass, an innovation consultant. But he is more accurately described as a provocateur. An instigator. A “Rebel Rouser”. And with the leadership skills to solve wicked problems that fit your Organization’s needs specifically and uniquely. He is a self-proclaimed musician and mountain biker, but most experienced finance, educator, and design by choice thinking consultant. He cuts down to the undiscoverable core of what we may think is our challenge, even encourage failure and will knock you over with his discoveries and end game solutions.

Phillips breaks the mold on problem-solving and redirects you and your team to be the most successful at what they do, with who they target, and where they’re at. With the pace of change accelerating ever faster and disruption lurking around every corner, it might seem that failure is to be avoided at all costs. But the fear of failure can lead to a paralyzing level of caution, both organizationally and individually. In this episode, we explore how embracing and reframing failure fuels creativity, innovation, and growth. To learn how this rebel instigator and provocateur can rock the boat in your Organization tune in now to Up or Out with Connie and get 1:1 insight from David Phillips.