C-Suite Women Serve Up Success

It’s no secret that the number of women striving to achieve C-suite status in their profession has been increasing since the feminist movement. 2016 was a historic year for women in congress, because 100 congressional seats were held by women for the first time in history. Studies have shown that on average, women make up 1 out of 5 partners in law firms, 26% of school deans, one quarter of federal judges, and the list goes on and on. Women all across the country are reaching for the stars and landing strong, leadership positions within their professions.

Unfortunately, statistical numbers have not shown the same rate of success for women that have been trying to climb the corporate ladder. Although numbers have slightly gone up, they’ve only gone up about 2% since 2012 overall. So there is progress, but very slow progress. Only about 4% of fortune 500 CEO seats are claimed by women. There has even been talk of enforcing quotas to help this number rise, but the truth is there should be no need for companies to hire women simply because a quota tells them to. In my opinion, that’s actually quite insulting. I’m sure no self-respecting, professional woman wants to land a C-suite position because of a quota that needs to be met.

Companies that lack a sufficient number of women in high-level positions are actually missing out. Studies have shown that when a company increases the number of women they have in leadership positions, their profits actually increase by 15%. So the slow progression of women entering a C-Suite positions is certainly not because history has shown that it’s bad for business. Women are actually increasing the profits of the companies they are working for. Hiring executives are simply not aware of how beneficial women can be to their high end companies. The truth is, women are serving up success better than men in some cases.

So how can we increase these numbers? In the future, how can we get high level executives to appoint more women to C-Suite positions based on their worth, and not based on a quota? The answer may be simpler than you think. We simply have to assert ourselves more. Make sure that we make a positive impression on our bosses, colleagues, and interviewers. Without being called a bitch! Ask questions, if you feel like you have a great suggestion or idea, share it with your colleagues and bosses. Apply or ask for that promotion yourself instead of waiting for someone to recognize your worth and give it to you. Be assertive.

If a perspective employer asks you what would make you good at the position you’re being interviewed for, don’t be afraid to give them some statistical numbers. After you list off your qualifications, explain to them that research has found that companies that have recently given more high level positions to women have experienced a 15% profit increase. Even if you don’t end up landing the job, that information will resonate with them, and you just might open a door for a fellow female striving to achieve a C-Suite position.

Unfortunate for BIG business women are working smarter, if they’re not going up, their going out to become their own boss… own their own time.. serve up their own success! 

Ladies its time to decide… Up or Out with Connie, because we can Be Unstoppable Together.

Connie Pheiff, Unstoppable Speaker

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