About Connie...

Connie is an Amazing, successful businesswoman, author, speaker, coach, and Podcast host of Up or Out with Connie

About Connie

Connie Pheiff (Fife) is Chair and CEO of the Pheiff Group, Inc. a business architect firm specializing in leadership, personal development, sales, marketing, and motivation. Pheiff Group is a global organization-serving client’s around the globe from public to private corporations.

Connie is a motivational business speaker, consultant, personal coach, podcast and TV host, and author helping women in leadership achieve excellence and Be Unstoppable Together. Her passion is helping women find their place in their organization by moving up or out. We all want to be successful; Connie provides the tools to get you there.

Bragging Rights

Connie has earned bragging rights. She is the epitome of a Woman on a Mission. From drag racing, Harley riding, tattooed DIVA… she broke the mold and is not your typical leader.

Connie rocks corporate audiences around the globe. If you’re looking for traditional leadership strategies… don’t call Connie. If you’re looking for a Rebel, Maverick, Misfit and ready to embrace the new era of leadership, give Connie a call. She will rock your audience.

Connie is an award-winning podcaster. Recently named the female headliner for C-Suite Radio and Conscious Business Radio.

Your attendees will be thrilled by the immediate results they will achieve after hearing Connie’s powerful, professional presentation. Each of her programs and handouts are customized for your group’s individual needs. Her team will research your group to ensure your needs and desires are best met.

The Power of Laughter

As Connie be-bops around the country, she realized a few things… from the conservative conversations from her grandmother’s front porch in Louisville KY to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, there are professional men and women asking themselves the same question “do I go up or out?” But don’t know how to make this happen… and Connie is up for the challenge. She found herself in this same spot not long ago and she helps professionals put on their BIG boy or girl boots and make it happen.

Entertainment is in her blood~kin of Loretta Lynn and Minnie Pearl. Don’t be surprised if she walks on stage wearing the famous hat and twanging her banjo. Connie uses humor in her keynote speeches to keep the audience attention. In the end, as she steps away the audience realizes she has snuck in and taught them something. She always knows how to strike a nerve.

Connie is a lifelong teacher and lifelong learner. She reads, writes, and attends training workshops to maintain her skills and continually improve her craft. She is the best listener you will ever meet. She learns more from her clients than they will ever learn from her.

The Road to Success… When Life Throws You Curveballs

Connie was cleaning houses before filling houses. At the early age of 12 she was leading four businesses cleaning houses and grocery shopping for neighbors, babysitting, and ironing men’s shirts. Her early training led her to become the Director of the United States Chamber of Commerce, and her affectionate role as the Chair and CEO of Girl Scouts USA from 2000 to 2006, when the Girl Scouts realigned. Since that time, she has led her own company, the Pheiff Group, founder of the Total Leadership Academy, Business Accelerator Academy, and the Global C-Suite Women’s Network. Connie is the Immediate Past President of the National Speakers Association, GLAC and Member National Speakers Association and a founding member of the C-Suite Advisers Network.

Things were going well, Connie was a leader in the boardroom, excelled at helping executives advance to achieve excellence, her dream career. But then something happened that completely turned her life upside down.

It was June 2005; things were excellent… before lunch Connie was recognized as the leading CEO of Girls Scouts… after lunch the announcement came… Girl Scouts nationwide would realign. The top 10 Councils from across the country would lead the realignment creating best practices for the remaining 300 councils to follow. Connie was #1 to lead the realignment and complete her mission within one year.

It was a huge blow; on June 30, 2006 it came to an end. Connie started digging into personal development books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Three Feet From Gold by Lechter & Reid, 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller, and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Connie decided to make lemonade out of lemons and embark on her journey she calls “BE UnStoppable.” Eventually material possessions were no longer a necessity; the large house, a driveway that looked like a parking lot, membership to the country club. Friends and family said she was crazy giving up on “the American Dream.”

Connie realized losing her position of CEO for the Girl Scouts wasn’t a tragedy at all it was a gift. It’s been over a decade and Connie’s motto is BE Unstoppable Together. In the years since Connie’ relocated to Southern California and her plans to travel the world are just the beginning. Her appetite for leadership and her passion for personal development, health, and travel while helping others discover their value up or out of business is a formula for happiness.

At the same time in 2006, She learned she was adopted. A curveball she never expected. She grew up always curious about the dynamics of her family but never found the answers she was looking for until learning the truth about who she was and her family story. Connie is one of the few people who have been able to turn her struggles into triumph and share with audiences across the globe so they too can find their voice and their success.


Connie began her business in 2006 as Pheiff & Some, Inc. a small consulting business in Northeast Pennsylvania. She changed the name to the Pheiff Group, Inc. and quickly grew the company into a large business selling thousands of leadership, marketing, sales and professional development programs through large organizations like PNC Bank, Red Cross, United States Marines, Lia Sophia Jewelry, Mary Kay Cosmetics, UPS, Business Journal, Future Business Leaders of America, National Foundation Center and 1,000s of entrepreneurs around the globe.

Her transformation continued when she returned to school to complete a double masters degree in Public Administration, Business Administration with a minor in organizational innovation, marketing, and finance. Connie also studied the behavior of people, what motivates people, and became certified in multiple personality style assessments including D.I.S.C., Kolbe Learning Styles, and SM. A.R.T. (Yes, this is the correct spelling).

Connie shares herself and quickly builds a relationship with audiences from her leadership, motivation, and people connection to Be Unstoppable Together.  She puts her all into sharing her experiences, energy, and entertainment.

Author: She is the author of four books and 1000s articles on success, leadership, sales, marketing, personal development and motivation. Copies are available for conference attendees: Marketing Masters, The Art of the Ask, The Art of Telephone and Sales Letters, and Find Your Passion for Action. Her next writing project is Emotional Engagement with a focus to help leaders motivate their team to want to do more. She will write her memoir, but only after she has put a tent on the world to achieve excellence and Be Unstoppable Together.

Podcaster & Television Host: Connie is the Executive Producer and Host of the hottest business show with an edge: Up or Out with Connie. The show is like being on steroids. Connie blows your mind with real business advice from some of today’s leaders in business in less than 20-minutes. Up or Out with Connie is the female headliner on C-Suite Radio and Conscious Business Radio.

Coach and Mentor: Connie’s sweet spot is coaching leaders to become the best version of them. Because of her busy schedule, she only takes-on ten new-coaching 1:1 coaching clients each year allowing her to give more attention to her clients needs.

Consulting: A Fortune 500 executive team made a profound comment during a coaching, one that Connie will never forget, “Connie we love your program, but you’re missing one important detail… how do we get out?” She went into action immediately and created her signature Total Leadership Academy. A three-month program where executives learn their value and make the ultimate decision to move Up or Out with Connie.

Connie didn’t get here by chance. You name it she’s done it! She is not bashful, in her twenties sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll was her way of life. She has overcome many of life challenges; could be the title of her next book. She is a CEO deeply rooted in southern folklore. She considers it a privilege to be able to work and speak with people to help them be bold, be connected, and be unstoppable together.

In 2016, Connie was selected as the spokesperson for the CA Future Business Leaders of America and received the California award for the Executive Coach of the year.

When Connie Pheiff speaks…her audience listens and learns!  Connie was a popular speaker at the Called Woman Conference 2013 and what a story she has to share.  It is the best kind of story of all–one with a surprise ending that will encourage and inspire you to discover your calling, overcome obstacles and live with passion. Connie’s presentation sparkles and shines with her wit and powerful story.  She is going to change your life!

Lynne WattsPresident/CEO The Called Woman Conference, Atlanta GA

Connie was our keynote speaker for Women’s History Month and she exemplified perfectly a woman of character, courage and commitment, which was this year’s event theme. Her “against all odds” inspirational accomplishments and the “we can do it” attitude of her presentation was both motivating and humorous.

Rachel SuaFWP Manager Federal Bureau of Prisons

Connie’s one-on-one coaching through her Total Leadership Academy has been invaluable in getting my business off the ground. Business planning and marketing are second nature to this pro, she thinks of everything! Connie feels like my partner and to a new entrepreneur, this is very comforting. She gives so much of herself, is very supportive and has an amazing interest in my success. Thank you Connie, I couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

Virginia BeckerE.P.A.D. President

Connie is a force of nature…inspiring and teaching us with examples of how to exceed the expectation we have for ourselves as leaders.

Dr. Glenn Miya

Making profits requires more than having a passion, Connie can put you in the top 5% of entrepreneurial experts, or the top 5% of business profitability.

Dan MillerCoach and Author of 48 Days to the Work You Love

Connie provided a dynamic workshop to American Red Cross Chapter Leadership that was engaging, thought provoking and inspiring! Connie’s expert knowledge provided answers and a call to action for board leadership. We were impressed with her preparation, program and pleasing personality! Excellent A+++++

Cindy GarrenVP American Red Cross

I as well as Knotts Family Agency truly appreciate Connie Pheiff as our Keynote for making this year’s Girlz Conference a success. The girls and the staff all raved about how excellent Connie is and said nothing but good things when it was over. The information Connie provided was perfect for the audience. Connie truly made an impact in our conference. Connie was the best way to end an amazing event.

Ashley JonesEvent Coordinator Knotts Family Agency

Connie Pheiff is inspiring. The comprehensive way she breaks things down, I can see a clear plan to work purposefully… I will continue working with Connie in the future.

Leslie PoguePresident, Soft Skills Direct

Connie, I love you! I’ve learned so much from your presentation. You are the very best overcomer.

Mary ColesPresident, Coles, Inc.

I was very impressed with Connie’s story and how things snowballed for her. Her story is both fascinating and motivating ~ Connie helped me to take immediate action. Thank you for being so open with your story of struggle and triumph.

Bob ConleyOwner, Accelerated Advantage

Connie is Fantastic. I feel forwarded when listening to Connie speak because it’s about me. She is warm and attentive to her audience. I loved Connie’s examples ~ left me wanting more.

Yuko Miyahara

Connie is my professional compass.  She is my soundboard, my cheerleader and career confidant.  Anyone seeking a coach that fulfills both professional and personal growth should be working with Connie.

Greg DavisChief Dream Maker at Rhythm of Profitability

Connie is like a breath of fresh air. I always look forward to receiving her inspirational messages of hope.

Susan M. GallagherRelationship Manager, Friends of Breakthrough Schools

A simple thank you doesn’t go far enough to express my gratitude for Connie’s fireside chat. I could easily see and hear the interest and the soaking up of information in the faces and voices, and especially the heavy conversations afterward. I especially appreciate Connie’s ability to include everyone in our diverse group. A+++++

Mary Ann PaynePresident, Payne Management Group

Thank you Connie for level headed opinion to people wanting to start a nonprofit organization. More people should take your advice.

Julie S. TanExecutive Director, Music Has Power

Connie thank you for delivering an excellent program. Our attendee feedback is over-the-top impressed. Comments were made “I can take this material back and implement immediately in my daily work.

Tracy KaufmanThe Foundation Center
  • Business Journal named her one of the top 50 Woman on the Rise and has been named the top Executive Coach for 2017.

  • Connie is an advisor to the C-Suite Network.

  • Her comments appear in Stilettos on the Glass Ceiling, New York Times, C-Suite Network, NBC & Fox Affiliates and many other news and media outlets.

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