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Marketing Masters : Ready, Set, Grow Your Market

Connie is author of multiple books, the latest Marketing Masters: ready, set, GROW your market, and has been released in six countries. She appears as a business and innovation correspondent for print, radio, and television, regularly introducing features on big ideas and best practices.

Connie’s is working on a new book, which centers around emotional engagement and creating organizational happiness ~ what it means to win when good is the new measure of great. Connie does a substantial amount of charitable work, as well as advisory board member for Dress for Success, and career counselor for women, Member of the National Speakers Association, President of the National Speakers Association: Greater Los Angeles Chapter, and officer with Toastmasters International. Critical acclaim for Connie has been effusive. A recent evaluation called Connie “sweetly wicked, soft spoken, and confident with a fierce grace,” as she has designed her career.

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