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What can a 5-Year Old Teach Us About Leadership

What a 5-Year Can Teach Us About Leadership

Sometimes you find yourself learning valuable lessons about leadership in the most unexpected places. We go to seminars, read books, and listen to motivational speakers, which is great. All of those things can contribute to your success. Then there are times that we learn the best lessons in places we would probably never think to look. Children. That’s right, you read that right. Believe it or not, a five-year-old child can teach a lot of valuable lessons about personal development and leadership skills. Here are four lessons that can be learned whether you are a parent, or not.

  1. Nothing Beats a Childs Ambition

You may not have realized it until now, but children are some of the most ambitious creatures on this planet. Think about it. If a five year old child scrapes their knee trying to jump over something, does that mean they will never do it again? Probably not! They’ll probably keep trying until they do it, and then giggle as they make that same jump over and over again. As adults we find things like that silly because we can’t understand why someone would continue to do something that made them fall. But the truth is, that’s an extremely great quality for anyone in a leadership position to have.

  1. They Came, They Saw, They Conquered

When a five-year-old child sees something, they want, they tell you they want it without thinking twice. Then they will probably stop at nothing to get what they want. This can be ground breaking for your personal development and enhancing your leadership skills, and here’s why. For adults, asking for something we want is a lot easier said than done. This is because adults fear rejection, and what it will do to our ego. A five year old doesn’t think about possible rejection. They just know that they want it, and know what they have to do to get it. Leading by this example has the capability of opening endless doors to success.

  1. Children Are Masters of Creativity

Five year olds have the biggest imaginations, and the most creative personalities. No army man suit? No problem. To a five year old kid, a bucket, rain boots, and a belt can be the perfect army outfit. In a child’s mind, there is always a way to do what they want, as long as they have their imagination, and a little creativity. While you’re working on your personal development, practice opening your mind and your imagination. If you learn how to use your imagination, coming up with new creative ideas will suddenly seem a lot easier.

  1. Patience Is a Virtue

When it comes to taking care of small children, patience is something you have to have. Dealing with children forces you to take a step back and find an alternative solution. For example, if a child refuses to take their medicine or clean up their toys, can you just walk away and say forget this? Absolutely not! You are then forced to breath, and think about what other method you can use that will work for both you and the child. Don’t do it for them, find a way to motivate them to want to do it for themselves. Learning how to calmly find an alternative solution to leadership and getting your team to want to do more is the true mark of someone that is thriving in a leadership position.

Be Unstoppable Together,

Connie Pheiff, Unstoppable DIVA

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Courage and Confidence, Be Your Authentic Self

Hello Unstoppables,

There are lots of things we wish we had the courage and confidence for in this life, aren’t there? But there is the most important thing we own that many people never think is of greatest importance. That is having the courage and confidence to be our authentic self. As entrepreneurial leaders, we spend a lot of time thinking about how should we behave in the boardroom, should I take up golfing so I could become part of the team, or how do I dress for the next conference or say on social media to be taken seriously, but never understand how to have the courage and confidence to be our authentic self. When it comes time to be responsible, we end up blaming our decisions on others, rather than realizing we are the owner of our behavior.

Authenticity is a buzzword we hear these days. Is this because we are drowning in in-authenticity? Advertising slays us to be bigger, faster, and better. We are living our dreams with more purpose than ever before. The focus isn’t on accumulation of wealth, but living with our authentic self. This is where having the courage to live life is not always the easier road to travel.

We know in our hearts there is something missing in our lives. We also know that life can be rich, satisfying and meaningful. This past year my mom passed away. She had been fighting ovarian cancer for a few years. I found the courage and confidence to reduce my workload and spend time with her. In front of me was a dwindling savings account and an uncertain future. At the end of it all I didn’t feel one ounce of regret.

You get to choose. Once you come to realize you have the courage and confidence inside you to choose ~ instead of choosing what you think others are choosing for you, you become your authentic self. You shape and design your life. Learning how to listen to your heart takes practice. It’s not as simple as it sounds, but it is possible.

This is what works for me. Give it a try.

  1. With courage and confidence, you do what you want. Your life is a blank piece of paper. Its up to you to put a design to paper and make it happen.
  2. Stop blaming others. If you don’t like what’s happening around you, then make a change.
  3. Don’t allow others to design your destiny. The responsibility is yours. What you accomplish is up to you to take it seriously and find the courage and confidence to make it happen.
  4. Focus on your values and being your authentic self. We don’t live life in a vacuum and we need to be self aware about our beliefs. Once you find your courage the power is in your hands. This power transcends everything you design for your life.
  5. It’s a privilege to have the freedom to shape life however we want. Take your courage and confidence seriously and don’t mess it up. If you’re like me I want to live my life deeply fulfilled knowing I have left a legacy for others to follow.

Be Unstoppable Together

Do you have questions or comments about the contents in today’s post, want to know how to apply them, or how to help others with them? If so, contact me at connie@pheiffgroup.com or CLICK HERE to schedule a 20-minute discovery call to discuss with you personally.