Kim Hirt

Connie’s powerful presentation was perfect and hit home… she enlightens the struggle to thrive and succeed with humor and truth. She is an inspiration!

Dan LeFave

Connie is energetic and her style is enlightening, inspiring, and thought provoking! Her expertise and… challenged me to be better. She helped answer the most difficult questions that are challenging people’s mindsets today… her amazing personality and thought leadership made the whole program fun and uplifting!

Lonnie Taylor

We raised over $100,000 in one week and brought in new members and couldn’t have done it without Connie’s help. Her understanding of engagement left me captivated. Connie understands what it means to connect with your internal and external customers. The first comment I heard from attendees is one complimenting Connie’s talents and professionalism.

Tracy Kaufman

Connie thank you for delivering an excellent program. Our attendee feedback is over-the-top impressed. Comments were made “I can take this material back and implement immediately in my daily work.

Julie S. Tan

Thank you Connie for level headed opinion to people wanting to start a nonprofit organization. More people should take your advice.

Mary Ann Payne

A simple thank you doesn’t go far enough to express my gratitude for Connie’s fireside chat. I could easily see and hear the interest and the soaking up of information in the faces and voices, and especially the heavy conversations afterward. I especially appreciate Connie’s ability to include everyone in our diverse group. A+++++

Susan M. Gallagher

Connie is like a breath of fresh air. I always look forward to receiving her inspirational messages of hope.

Greg Davis

Connie is my professional compass.  She is my soundboard, my cheerleader, and career confidant.  Anyone seeking a coach that fulfills both professional and personal growth should be working with Connie.

Yuko Miyahara

Connie is Fantastic. I feel forwarded when listening to Connie speak because it’s about me. She is warm and attentive to her audience. I loved Connie’s examples ~ left me wanting more.

Bob Conley

I was very impressed with Connie’s story and how things snowballed for her. Her story is both fascinating and motivating ~ Connie helped me to take immediate action. Thank you for being so open with your story of struggle and triumph.