Dare to Be Unstoppable...

Be Unstoppable, Regain Control of Your Life and Insanely Grow Your Business.

Build a Business, Not a Glorified Job.

  • If you could do anything, would you still be doing what you’re doing now?
  • Are you tired of getting up every morning at the crack of dawn to go into an office when you could easily do your work from home?
  • Do you have a dream to pursue your passion but afraid you will never have the opportunity to make it happen?
  • Would you love to own your business instead of the business owning you?
  • Can you step away when you want or need to?
  • Are you prepared to do what it takes to get your life back, live anywhere, get paid what you want to get paid, and live your dreams?

Well Done! Successful people make their minds up quickly to move forward powerfully.
You have taken the first step to Be Unstoppable and now its time to get you started.
The next step is to schedule a 15-minute discovery call with Connie and get questions answered.
What one thing do you want more in your life right now?
What three things are you tolerating right now in your work life?
What’s the one thing you would like to achieve but aren’t sure how to do it?
How will we help you get there?

You Deserve to Be Unstoppable and Experience Life

The goal of our 15-minute call will be to discover which of the Be Unstoppable Together programs will best serve your needs. If you are ready to be unstoppable and experience life on your terms and put the philosophies and systems in place to give you real FREEDOM, then choose your time and let’s talk. This will be a life changing moment for you.

It’s time to Be Unstoppable and Experience Life.

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Personal message from a trusted friend ~ Connie Pheiff      

This is what I know: Most women obsessed with perfection and fail to perform. Most never leave GO! The danger is worrying you’re not enough. Most business owners never get out of start-up mode. To Be Unstoppable is having the right mindset, the right people around you, and the willingness to stop worrying about perfection and start building your business and make a difference.

What will you do to make a difference? To experience life on your terms ~ running your business on your terms ~ it’s the people who are unstoppable not the lucky who win in the end.

If you know the formula, you can build a successful business that works for you… rather than you working for it. A business that will function day in and day out, even if you’re not there.

These are the people I admire the most and who I work with in my programs.

Every time someone tells you can’t achieve something or it won’t work, or we tried that before. I want you to prove them wrong and rise above the odds because you can. We can Be Unstoppable Together.

Who’s controlling who… Are you in control of your life?

It’s not going away. Ignoring this problem only makes it worse, and guarantees that you will continue to be overworked, miss valuable time with your family and friends, be stressed by the constant urgency to keep money coming in and feel like a failure trying to wear too many hats and be too many things to too many people. Believe me, its possible to break away and enjoy a better lifestyle.

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been there myself.

I’ve spent decades leading multi-million dollar companies. I started missing out on my personal life. I had achieved incredible success, yet I didn’t feel truly fulfilled.

I was missing my son and daughter’s events and important moments in their life ~ scheduling dates with my husband. Missing out on the wonderful life experiences… and when I did manage to attend an event with my husband, children, and friends I would struggle taking time away from the business. I had lost my FREEDOM to enjoy the success I’d created.

Life around me was happening and I was not part of it.

Then I thought I was a greater failure when as the CEO my corporate left me. I see this with so many business leaders. Failure, misery, pain, depression, suffering, and defeat… all because they are so tired of running their business that their personal life gets sacrificed.

That’s when I had my transference to what I call Be Unstoppable. And later realized we can’t do this alone, we must Be Unstoppable Together.

The feeling of failure, misery, pain, depression, suffering, and defeat is the enemy. This is everything I stand against because I know it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Are you ready to Be Unstoppable Together, get your life back, live anywhere, get paid what you want to get paid, and live your dreams?

I found the way to break the chains, and I can teach you to do the same… you can take your life back and continue to enjoy your hard earned success.

Mom was ill and fading fast from cancer. I spent 10-weeks with her last spring. It was 10 amazing weeks with my mom and my family. Friends, colleagues, and fellow business owners were shocked. They asked how I could possibly step away for so long without my business crumbling.

I explained exactly how I set myself up to do it – how I put the right systems in place – and every person I shared my system with were speechless… because they got it. They understood the importance of creating a system where I could step away at a moment’s notice was a powerful strategy. And they wanted to know more… they wanted me to help them do the same.

The Unstoppable DIVA was born

It’s been my life’s work to provide business leaders, especially women in the C-Suite, with success formulas that immediately provide strategies of courage, confidence, character, and connection. I fully embody the concept of the Unstoppable DIVA and to Be Unstoppable Together while protecting your dreams.

Who is Connie Pheiff?

Connie Pheiff is the Unstoppable DIVA. Chair of the Pheiff Group and a Business Architect with more than 20-years experience leading multi-million dollar organizations. Connie has made it her life’s work to provide business leaders with success formulas that immediately provide exponential courage, confidence, growth, and protection. Fully embodying the concept of the Unstoppable DIVA and Be Unstoppable Together, she inspires others to do the same by empowering them to get their life back, live anywhere, get paid what you want to get paid and protect their dreams.

This is what Connie knows best. When you have the right systems in place, you can build a life that works for you. A life that is optimized for cash flow, growth, and success.

A lifelong entrepreneur, trusted advisor to CEOs and entrepreneurs, and content leaders. Connie is armed with the experience you need to quickly get to the heart of the complex issues, identify solutions, and illuminate the path forward. Her unique vantage point sets her apart from the crowd as a voice of reason and real-world knowledge and authority.

Are you ready to Be Unstoppable Together?

What is the Focus?

The key to becoming unstoppable is a sharp focus on the 4 Cs.

Courage. Confidence. Character. Connectedness   

Courage to be an explorer: Discover and move through unchartered territory. Be optimistic and open to see things differently.

Confidence to be a realizer: Move from abstraction to action, be extremely innovative and the role model for others.

Character to be the visionary: Dare to dream a better way. Be creative, open to new ideas and have a vision for how it could be.

Connectedness to be the integrator of deep connections. Be passionate about life.

How Does the Program Work?

The Unstoppable DIVA offers customized program levels Explorer, Realizer, Visionary and Private Mastermind) that appeal to a variety of preferences and budgets.

Be Unstoppable Together Intensive Boot Camp is where everyone begins… and it only gets better from there.

Videos, a private Facebook group, weekly fireside coaching, and exclusive invitation to live events. Form relationships with executive women who will impact your personal and professional success, hours of 1:1 private coaching with me… and many other business leaders, and you are invited to be a lifetime member of a mind-blowing private mastermind group are all yours for the taking.

The process is simple, first schedule your 15-minute Discovery call, together we will Diagnose your situation, and then Design the program that is right for you

You simply invest in the program that best suits your needs, and you’ll be on your way to building the business – to Be Unstoppable, get your life back, live anywhere, get paid what you want to get paid, and live your dreams!

Be Unstoppable Together Product Suite

Courage to be the Explorer – $1,997

Be Unstoppable Together Intensive Boot Camp

Confidence to be the Realizer – $4,997

  • Be Unstoppable Together Intensive Boot Camp
  • Weekly Group Coaching (One-Year)
  • 2-tickets to the Be Unstoppable Together life event

Character to be the Visionary – $9,997

  • Be Unstoppable Together Intensive Boot Camp
  • Weekly Group Coaching (One-Year)
  • 2-tickets to the Be Unstoppable Together life event
  • 2-tickets to the Be Unstoppable Together connectedness event
  • 5-hours 1:1 private coaching with Connie (Limited availability)

Masterclass includes content from each of the programs and much more. This is your opportunity to be the integrator of deep connections… Your deepest work happens in my Private Mastermind Group (By Approved application only) – $25,000

An Investment Worth Making

With so many programs available to you today, it’s completely understandable (and expected) you will wonder if you’re making the right decision to invest your valuable time and money.

Let me help put your mind at east.

Do you think this program costs too much?

If your answer is “yes,” then you’re likely not qualified for these program’s because you’re not yet ready… you haven’t reached the place where you need these programs. An ideal candidate will have no issue with the cost. My typical fees range from $2K/hour to $25K/day. You can see these programs provide amazing results.

If you’re making money, but have not life, you need the formula my programs provide.

Do you think you don’t have the time to commit?

Time always seems to be the biggest issue holding people back from joining. Think of it this way. If you don’t 1 extra hour per week to devote to learning how you can get your life back, live anywhere, get paid what you want to get paid, and live your dreams, then you don’t have the luxury of time. That means you are most likely not living your dreams and missing out on events with your family and friends… all the more reason why you need to join this program.

Are you skeptical after being in other programs that didn’t work? 

I can tell you this; I’ve been there too. I was a seminar junkie. Nothing works unless you’re willing to try what you learn. It’s plain and simple. It’s like joining a gym. The only way it works is when you implement the plan. Get off the hamster wheel, no matter how fast you go, you’re still running yourself in a circle and never go anywhere. Ask yourself this one question If you could do something different to get a different result, what would you be doing right now?

Imagine the freedom that comes when you can Be Unstoppable

When you apply the principles in this program, you will gain:

  • A business partner that walks you through the process every step of the way.
  • Time, money and FREEDOM to make a change and live the life you only dream about.
  • Better work/life balance, more time for family, friends, and travel, speaking engagements, starting new businesses and enjoying life experiences.
  • Remarkable improvements in your personal production.
  • Your business optimized for cash flow and growth.
  • A tool-belt full of proven techniques and systems to scale a business.
  • Concise ways to efficiently track ALL data needed so you can make key decisions that get the best results.
  • Connection to a talented and dedicated team, who will partner with you to reach your business goals. Each is dedicated to helping you work through the 5 Ps of business and get maximum ROI from your investment.
  • Process: (Outcome orientation.) We will review the critical factors to launching a business. Prioritize activities in alignment with long-range desires and wants. Get client into a better position to focus on energies of where they want to be. Creating a comprehensive plan from the start is the most important tool a client will have to accelerate a business. Open with discussion about business model, business structure (legal). Work with you to avoid making business mistakes
  • Position: (Brand ID) Establish credibility, understand niche market, market segments, competition, positioning service, price, marketing & promotion. A brand is a promise to a customer. This module includes understanding the how, what, where, when of the marketing channel.
  • Package: (Sales Training) Share examples of how to become profitable. Develop deliverables (programs) and pricing structures. Begin to develop alliances, sales funnels and a sales plan.
  • Promotion: (Marketing) Once a clear message has been created its time to focus on effective marketing: testimonials, case studies, social proof, speaking engagements, media and getting published. Identify communication channels: ex: social media, webinars, podcast, books, blogs, speaking, etc.
  • Performance: (Accountability) Creating a highly profitable consulting business takes a great deal of time, creativity, financial and people resources. Life sometimes gets in the way. TEAM PHEIFF is here to monitor goals, budgeting and financial planning. Throughout the eight-week process and accountability coach will maintain contact with the client to ensure follow through and success. And ultimately upsell to coaches’ products.

Are you ready to Be Unstoppable Together, get your life back, live anywhere, get paid what you want to get paid, and live your dreams?

It’s time to invest in your success and freedom.

It’s time to Be Unstoppable Together

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