3 Months Rule Breakers Membership – $97

Imagine learning the first five-steps to creating your lifestyle business ~ a FREEDOM-entrepreneur. When our CEO launched our program nearly eleven-years ago it quickly caught a buzz! The definition of freedom is different for everyone, who does not want more freedom in their life?

Since freedom has different meanings for so many, our definition of freedom is in our communication. We focus on creating a business lifestyle that allows us to work when we want, where we want, and who we want. Freedom is knowing what you truly want in your life.

As the Unstoppable DIVA Connie understands her reason for wanting freedom in her life. She left her corporate position as the CEO of Girl Scouts eleven years ago and never looked back. Rather than searching for another corporate position where she was led like a puppet, she made the bold decision to make a change in how she would live and make an income. She moved to Southern California with her husband and toy poodles and is living her life as a FREEDOM-entrepreneur and quickly accelerated her business. A FREEDOM-entrepreneur is about thinking differently and having the freedom to create what you want for you and your family. Many changes have shaped the business in eleven-years and Connie has found the secret sauce to achieve excellence. Now it’s time to help you understand and embody the power to be a FREEDOM-entrepreneur and to Be Unstoppable Together.

What’s the point of building a business if you’re not free? Too often we get caught up in the ‘how to’ and ‘must have’ and think there is only one way to get what we want in life. This is your life and you only live once. Beyond popular belief, your life is NOT your career, but you can create a career that serves your life.

Are you getting the message yet? You will register now to attend the Breaking the Rules Networking Event to learn more about the Summer Mastermind Group. This program will change your life.