The Art Of The Ask…

Get Into The Fundraising Groove

The nonprofit sector continues to be ravaged by changes—everything from scandals to the realignment of borders of national organizations. No matter what level you are in the organization, the information in this book will help you understand that Attitude + Passion = Results (A+P=R), and deter-mine if you have the right attitude to be working in the nonprofit sector.

The Art of the Ask is actually quite simple:
•You make your ask.
•You make your case.
•You show the benefits.
•Then you stop talking.

The teachings and stories in this book can be read from different perspectives: current executive directors, aspiring executive directors, development officers, board members, and community stakeholders.

Whether the organization you work for is large or small, this book gives you the tools to determine if you are in the right place in your career. “Large” is the equivalent of state and national NPOs. “Small” is the equivalent of an organization that does not carry a charter from big brother. In the end, all NPOs need to have a local presence with grassroots efforts. Donors need to know, like, and respect you. Unfortunately, organizations are looking at the economies of scale and closing local offices. This, in my opinion, negatively affects the organization’s fundraising efforts.

Philanthropy giving is not disappearing. Giving simply looks different these days, and we need to be open to the ways of work. With change come new opportunities. The big change we’re realizing is that the world is much more flat and connected than we ever thought possible. This means you have greater opportunities to increase your fundraising efforts.

Are you in the right position? You may have a passion for your organization’s mission and cause, but do you have what it takes to “ask” for the dollars? My coach has taught me that 85 percent of success is having the confidence from looking within. It’s time for you to look within for yourself.